CESBC Webinar (July 12, 2019): Data Placemats for Different Tables / Materials

28 Jul 2019 16:44 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Event Information

Zoom Recording Link (no longer available due to account change)

From presenter Elise:

 1) RapidRide audit report, and 2) An aea365 article I wrote about data placemats with links to some other resources.

"re: the question about qualitative data in data placemats:

  • There are definitely evaluators out there who have included qualitative data in their data placemats. The Evaluation Center at the University of Colorado Denver posted their presentation from the 2016 AEA conference on using qualitative data in placemats. They even have a link to a sample placemat! I would also reach out to them if you have other questions and see if they wouldn’t mind giving you a few additional pointers."

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