Our 2018 AGM will be held on Friday, November 30th, 2018

Location: 1400-1410 Segal Conference Rooms, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 5K3.


AGM News

  • 08 Nov 2018 19:41 | Anonymous

    Nomination process can be found here Please see document CESBC_AGM_Notice 2018.pdf which includes the AGM agenda and a call for nominations.

    Read more about Executive Roles & Responsibilities.

  • 04 Dec 2017 19:15 | Anonymous

    The CESBCY AGM was held on November 24, 2017 at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver. In accordance with the structure and procedures laid out in CESBCY Chapter Bylaws, Sandra Sellick chaired the AGM election which produced the following results:

    • President; Beth Snow was elected
    • Vice President; Eyyub Hajiyev, was elected
    • Secretary; Kile Brokop was elected by acclamation
    • CES National Representative: Diana Tindall was elected
    • Member at Large (Professional Development and Communication); Will Yang was elected by acclamation
    • Member at Large (CESBCY Annual Conference); Rachel Douglas was elected by acclamation
    • Member at Large (Website); Marla Steinberg was elected by acclamation

    Beth, Eyyub, Diana and Marla bring Council experience to their positions.  Kile, Will and Rachel are newly elected to the CEC and look forward to helping to serve the needs of our membership.

    Sarah Farina

    Past President, CESBCY 2017 Nominating Committee Member

  • 07 Sep 2017 13:43 | Anonymous

    Nomination process can be found here Please see document  CESBCY AGM Notice 2017.pdf which includes the AGM agenda and a call for nominations..  


    The role of the President is to guide and oversee the affairs of the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC). CEC members are expected to provide leadership and act responsibly on behalf of Chapter members, and actively support and uphold the spirit of partnership, teamwork, mutual respect, openness and participation.

    The President ensures that CEC meetings are regularly scheduled so that the business of the Chapter is dealt with in a timely, effective manner; establishes a schedule of ongoing routine CEC activities; ensures that CEC reviews Chapter activities periodically and develops short and long range strategies and goals; presides at Chapter AGMs and CEC meetings; ensures adherence to CEC executive responsibilities regarding funds  allocation and reporting; assigns specific responsibilities and duties to the Vice President; assists the Chapter Secretary with meeting and AGM requirements;  liaises with the National Council with the National Representative if required; and supervises the training of newly elected Members at Large.

    Vice President

    The primary duty of the Vice President is to assist the President in carrying out their duties. The VP is assigned specific, meaningful responsibilities, rather than general duties only.

    Activities include acting in the absence of the President to call or chair meetings or assuming the President’s duties on an interim basis if the President is unable to serve; project and program development  (e.g. professional development and networking initiatives); developing strategic planning initiatives relating to the development of CESBCY membership with the Membership Secretary; other strategic planning (e.g., regarding issues of ethics and accreditation); raising of funds; coordination of special projects; overseeing employment contracts signed by the CEC and communicating with the Treasurer regarding invoicing and payments.


    The Secretary is responsible for maintaining and managing Chapter records and for ensuring that accurate minutes and correspondence are kept.

    This includes accurate reporting of Chapter business and CEC decisions; records maintenance including of Resolutions and Standing Rules; timely distribution of meeting agendas and minutes; tracking of contractor work; AGM arrangements including agenda preparation and distribution; enforcement of Bylaws and Standing Rules; reporting of deviations from approved practice; with the assistance of the President and National Council Representative, ensuring that necessary approvals by CES are obtained, including preparation and exchange of documents.

    National Rep

    The National Council Representative, under the direction of the CEC, acts as liaison between the National Council and the Chapter.

    The role includes liaising with other Chapter Council Representatives; promoting Chapter interests at the national level; reporting to CEC on the activities of the National Council; assisting CEC members in ensuring that information or funds requested by the Chapter Executive Committee are provided in an expedient manner by the National Council; assisting the Treasurer in ensuring that financial obligations and agreements between the Chapter and CES are kept.

    Members At Large

    There are two Member At Large positions vacant. Members at Large may rotate through a series of roles to gain experience of and exposure to Council roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures. The current Member At Large roles are: 1. Supporting the CESBCY One-day Conference, 2. Supporting Professional Development and Communication. Members At Large may also propose a focus for their role over time based on their own interests.

    Member at Large - Website is also open for nominations.

    Regional Coordinator(s)- Lower Mainland, BC Interior, Vancouver Island, Yukon

    Regional Coordinators organize engaging events to bring together CESBCY members, partners and those interested in evaluation to build community, learn together, and develop evaluation competencies. There are currently vacancies in: 1. Interior, 2. Vancouver Island

  • 10 Nov 2016 18:29 | Anonymous

    Our Chapter AGM was held on November 4, 2016 at the MNP Tower (Vancouver). With Helen Hsu (Treasurer) and Jennifer Hall (Secretary) stepping away from our Chapter Executive Council (CEC), there were two vacant Council positions. In accordance with the structure and procedures laid out in our Chapter Bylaws, Sandra Sellick chaired our AGM election which produced the following results:

    • Treasurer; Penny Cooper was elected by acclamation
    • Secretary; Christina Chociolko was elected by acclamation
    • Member at Large (Membership Secretary); Carolyn Camman was elected by acclamation
    • Member at Large (Chair Events Committee); Fainula Rodrigues was elected by acclamation.

    Both Penny and Christina bring Council experience to their new positions.  Carolyn and Fainula are newly elected to the CEC and look forward to helping to serve the needs of our membership.

    Brian McGowan

    Chair, CESBCY 2016 Nominating Committee

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